Simple Vertical antenna
The MacTenna Simple Vertical antenna.

The MacTenna Simple Vertical

The MacTenna Simple Vertical is a true resonant Marconi type vertical that covers 10M, 12M, 15M, 17M, 20M, and 40M. The SWR is 1.5:1 or less on all bands(across the whole band.) Radials are not required. A tuner is not required.

This amazing performance is acheived with the patanted MacTenna switching technique which changes the electrical length of the antenna to achieve resonance on each band. A controller at the operating position sends signals to the antenna over the coax feed line. No control cable is required. The coax can be easily tucked into the ground by slitting the sod with any sharp implement.

Raising the Simple Vertical antenna with the fold-over base
Raising the Simple Vertical antenna with the fold-over base

The vertical is easy to assemble. Once the optional tilt over base is installed in the ground, the antenna can be easily raised by one person.

The MacTenna Simple Vertical can be used where antennas are not allowed since it is easily disguised as a flagpole. The MacTenna Flag Kit has a stainless steel eye bolt for the top, a tie off clete, 2 clips for attaching a flag and 60 feet of cord.

Photos 3,4, and 5 show the Simple Vertical installed at a campground where antennas are not allowed, and nothing may be attached to trees.

The antenna comes in 4 eight foot long sections, and can be shipped via UPS.

Simple Vertical antenna installed with flag
Photo-4: The Simple Vertical with flag.
Simple Vertical antenna install
Photo-3: The MacTenna Simple Vertical.
Simple Vertical antenna install
Photo-5: The MacTenna Simple Vertical.

MT-SV10-40 Simple Vertical Specifications

Bands Covered 10M, 12M, 15M, 17M, 20M, and 40M (6M Available as an option)
Power Rating 1500 Watts +
Overall Height 32 Feet
Weight 16 Pounds
Diameter at base 2 Inches
Diameter at top 1-1/8" Inches
Wind Speed Rating(without flag)
(Easy to lay on ground when high winds are expected)
65 MPH
Radials Not required
SWR 1.5:1 or less on all bands(across the whole band)

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