Simple Vertical Price List

Simple Vertical antenna
MT-SV10-40 shown with flag and tilt over base

Simple Vertical

The Simple Vertical covers 10M, 12M, 15M, 17M, 20M, and 40M (6M available as an option). No tuner is required. True resonant 1/4 wave vertical on each band. UPS shipable.

  • Simple Vertical Part number: MT-SV10-40 $399.00
  • 6M Option Part number: MT-SV6 $39.95

Vertical tilt over base
Vertical tilt over base

Tilt Over Base

The Tilt over base enables easy errection of the Simple Vertical by one person. The Tilt over base also enables the Simple Vertical to be easily lowered for protection from high winds. Remove one bolt to tilt the vertical over and lay it on the ground.

  • Tilt Over Base Part number: MT-TOB $79.95

Flag Hardware Kit
Flag Hardware Kit

Flag Hardware Kit

Every thing you need for raising a flag. Stainless steel eye bolt, 2 flag clips, a tie off clete, and high strength diamond braid nylon cord. Holes for the eye bolt and tie off clete are pre-drilled.

  • Flag Hardware Kit Part number: MT-FHK $14.95

American Flag
3' X 5' American Flag

3' x 5' American Flag

Beautiful 3' x 5' American flag with metal grommets.

  • American Flag Part number: MT-AF $9.95

Multi band controller
MT-CR1 Multi band antenna controller


The controller is used to communicate with the switching modules that are inside of the antenna. The controller is powered from any DC source between 12V and 15V. The same controller can be used with the wire dipole or the Simple Beam.
Note: The Power cable MT-PC4 is required to connect the controller to the power supply and and the injector.

  • Controller Part number: MT-CR1 $99.00

Multi band signal injector
MT-IR1 Multi band injector


The injector is placed in the antenna feed line near the rig. The injector puts the module control signals onto the coax feed line and blocks RF voltage from entering the controller.
Note: The Power cable MT-PC4 is required to connect the injector to the controller.

  • Injector Part number: MT-IR1 $29.95

Multi band power cable
MT-PC4 Power cable

Power Cable

The Power cable plugs into the 5 pin connector on the back of the controller. A 4 foot length of power cable is terminated with a BNC connector that connects to the injector. A 4 foot lenght of red-black twisted pair is terminated with ring lugs that connect to your 12V to 15V DC power source.

  • Power Cable Part number: MT-PC4 $12.95

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