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Multi band dipole controller


The controller is used to communicate with the switching modules that are along the length of the antenna. The controller is powered from any DC source between 12V and 15V. The same controller can be used with the wire dipole or the Simple Beam.
Note: The Power cable MT-32PC is required to connect the controller to the power supply and and the injector.

  • Controller Part number: MT-CR1 $99.00

Multi band dipole injector


The injector is placed in the antenna feed line near the rig. The injector puts the module control signals onto the coax feed line and blocks RF voltage from entering the controller.
Note: The Power cable MT-PC4 is required to connect the injector to the controller.

  • Injector Part number: MT-IR1 $29.95

Multi band dipole control cable

Power Cable

The Power cable plugs into the 5 pin connector on the back of the controller. A 4 foot length of power cable is terminated with a BNC connector that connects to the injector. A 4 foot lenght of red-black twisted pair is terminated with ring lugs that connect to your 12V to 15V DC power source.

  • Power Cable Part number: MT-32PC $12.95

Multi band dipole splitter


The splitter is mounted at the center of the dipole. It serves as the center insulator. It splits the RF and DC voltages that travel up the coax feed line from the injector.

  • 1500 Watt Splitter Part number: MT-SPL $24.95

Multi band dipole switching module

Switching Module

The switching module (relay modules) are mounted along the length of the antenna. The switching action of these modules determines the electrical length of the antenna, and thus the frequency band. Each module comes with stainless steel screws, hex nuts, and lock washers as well as wire ring terminals.

  • 1500 Watt Switching Module Part number: MT-SM-2 $19.95

Switching Modules with LED Indicators

The MT-SM-2I includes a red LED to indicate when the wire section feeding the input of the module is active. The LED goes out then the module's relays are energized (the LED indicators on the next pair of modules will then turn on.)

  • 1500 Watt Switching Module with LED Indicator Part number: MT-SM-2I $21.95

Switching Modules-L

The last switching modules (closest to the end insulators) must be a MT-SM-2L. The 2L module includes and internal DC load to "wet" the relay contacts. A white LED indicates that the last segment of the antenna is connected (put black tape over the LED if indicator is not wanted.) This module includes a red input LED which can also be taped over if not wanted.

  • 1500 Watt Switching Module with Relay Contact DC Load Part number: MT-SM-2L $22.95

Multi band dipole insulator

End Insulator

The end insulator provides a convenient method of terminating the antenna. A wire stub can be connected to tune the frequency of the antenna.

  • End Insulator Part number: MT-EI-2 $1.99

Extra hardware kit

Extra Hardware Kit

The splitter, switching modules, and end insulators include stainless steel screws, nuts, and lockwashers as well as ring terminals to terminate the antenna wires. These items can be dropped and lost.

The extra hardware kit includes 6 screws, 6 nuts, 12 lockwashers, and 6 ring terminals.

  • Extra Hardware Kit Part number: MT-EXH $1.99

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