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MacTenna has developed and patented a method by which virtually any conventional type of antenna can be made into a multiband design with a single feed line.

The MacTenna system provides multi-band coverage while eliminating interaction between separate antennas for each band. The MacTenna system also reduces the visual clutter of multiple antennas with separate feed lines.

The MacTenna system is very cost effective when compared to multiple individual antennas with multiple supports, insulators, feed lines connectors, and a coaxial switch to select between them.

The MacTenna system also eliminates the need for a separate antenna tuner which is required with some other types of multi-band antennas. MacTenna multiband antennas have low SWRs and wide bandwidths on all bands. Other types of multi-band antennas have high SWRs and narrow bandwidths and usually require an antenna tuner.

MacTenna antennas do not have strange radiation patterns with multiple deep notches like other multi-band antennas. MacTenna antennas radiation patterns are like normal single band antenna types.

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